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ad hoc garlic confit

The garlic confit is one of the ad hoc lifesavers recipes. This little recipe not only gets you terrific mellow garlic cloves, it is the base for garlic puree and you get garlic oil. How awesome is that? I’ve not done the garlic puree yet, but the garlic cloves have made appearances in hummus quite a few times – much better flavor that just tossing in raw cloves. We’ll get to the garlic oil soon enough in another post.

These aren’t just the ingredients, these are the cheater version of the igredients:

  • 1 cup peeled garlic cloves
  • 2 cups canola oil

I have absolutely done this with fresh garlic, but there are ways of saving a bit of time with this recipe (and your nails) and having enough left over to either make this recipe in bulk or make small batches of pickled garlic or something fun like those 40 or 100-clove garlic chicken recipes.

My first step was taken care of – peeling the garlic.  Step 2 was cutting off the woody ends of the garlic cloves.  See, easy stuff.  This task did become one of those jobs that I imagine goes to the fresh-faced culinary school graduates in a restaurant – hours and hours of peeling garlic and trimming woody ends off of garlic cloves while trying to remind themselves that all great chefs surely started out this way.

Once I was done peeling(!) and chopping woody ends, it was easy street.  I got the oil and garlic bubbling just under the surface over medium-low heat and cooked the garlic gently for 40 minutes until the garlic was tender, stirring every 5 minutes.

Then all I had to do was turn off the heat and let the garlic cool. Did I mention that my kitchen was filled with the smell of garlic?  So if you do make this, don’t count on having that vampire boyfriend of yours stop by the same night.  Unless they sparkle…because those kind of rules don’t really apply to them.

That’s really it. It stays in the fridge for a week and I promise you’ll find all sorts of uses for the oil and the cloves.


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