foodie mcfooderson

a home cook with notions & an appetite


Foodie feels like one of those loaded terms nowadays.  Call yourself “foodie” and you run the potential of being the endless buzzkill at anything food related ever.  If friends and family call you “foodie” you can suddenly feel unable to eat a Cheeto without it leading to that moment where someone will wonder if they’d ever really even known you.  So why not make it known I fall somewhere in between with a little bit of flip?  I really want to know and experience what I can in food, but I also don’t ever want it to feel like a task or a job or, worse yet, that thing where everyone hates to even remotely bring up anything food-related to me.

Bottom line, I’m just a simple midwestern gal.  Who likes food.  And is pretty sure that the more she learns, the more she’ll find to like.


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