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roasted chicken

This is officially a project.  This is the search for the one roasted chicken recipe that will be my go-to.  Inspired by what has been a general message by the convenience food consortium (I know this is not a real organization, but go with this) that says, “buy our nearly made or pre-made things because what you want to make is soooo complicated and your time is soooooo valuable.”  Of course, this message conveniently fails to mention that the items you want to make are not actually that complicated, that said consortium will serve up said convenience with levels of salt and sugar and other preservatives you simply don’t require and you’re rarely getting the value that’s promised.

Take the rotisserie chicken at the market.  A bizzare 30-oz bird that’s a bargain at $5!  With “flavor injections.”  Yeah, that’s over $2.50/lb for a bird that normally runs $1.49/lb at my mega-mart (I’m doing this with regular birds) and $0.89/lb if I buy the 2-pack at Sam’s Club or wait for sales.  Plus, I can completely control the ingredients.  And get crisp skin.   (Seriously, that wrinkled stuff on store-rotisserie is a little scary.)

This is really part of my little effort to remember that none of us need to be tricked into buying “convenience” foods under the guise that the from-scratch version is “too complicated” or “too time consuming.”  Roast chicken is largely a passive exercise and just a matter of a little planning ahead.  The rewards one reaps are more than worth a little bit of prep, I promise.  Check out my progress in my roasted chicken category.

PS – speaking of “convenience” products – have you seen the pre-cooked strips of chicken breast?  And how expensive they are?  When did we fall to this?


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